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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Standing on the shoulders of giants

  • Thanks

    This is the part where we say a big, thank you, to all the good people that contribute to open-source projects and grant others permissive licences to reuse their work under, e.g, the creative commons.

    Thank you

    In typical Oscar ceremony style, we'd like to thank everyone... but if we did it individually, this page would be as much fun as a being stuck in a lift for 18 hours with a claustrophobic farmer, a sow, 9 piglets (all of which have upset stomachs), an increasingly hysterical group undergoing aversion therapy for swinophobia[1], a tone deaf oompah band whose biggest hit was a cover of Billy Ray Cyrus' Ache-y Break-y Heart[2] with a 12 minute accordion solo, a Scotsman who just happens to have bought his bagpipes and is intent on jammin' with the band, any 3 members of the cast of "Made in Chelsea" and Piers Morgan.

  • Acknowledgements, nods and wassups

  • Our use of Creative Commons images

    We don't sell, or otherwise make money from, any of the images on the website[4].

    We've put them on here, because we think their brilliant or funny or interesting or profound or they are in some other way (at least, in our heads) tangentially connected to whatever we happen to be talking about at the time.

    We think that this means it's fine for us to use, creative commons (or other similarly licensed) images marked for "non-commercial" use, even though we're a shop. The Creative Commons FAQ makes it clear that it is the specific use of the image itself, rather the type of entity that is using it, that determines whether or not a use is commercial. Simply put, a company may use NC images, as long as they don't make money from the way they use it. Furthermore, we think, that the mere inclusion of an image on a website (which is publicly available for viewing or download, without payment, elsewhere on the internet) is not, in itself, of independent economic significance; a factor of considerable, practical importance in English Law.

  • We're not trying to be clever

    We believe in the Creative Commons movement, we believe in photography and the last thing we want to do is wind up photographers, who produce great work and make it available under CC licences.

    Accordingly, if we've used your image and you don't like the way we've used it, just let us know. You can tell us what you want us to do, to fix it or not to use it and we'll respect that. After all, it's your image.